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About Troy Howerton

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Who is ‘Troy Howerton’? I hear you say. Most people know me as ‘The Redneck Picker’. Redneck? Well, I may be from Oklahoma, but I also served my time as both a wage slave and corporate executive. The difference is that I found a better way to merge interests, incentive, and income with the essential ingredient… Fun! Having learned the lessons I moved on and became a picker. I’ve never looked back.

Now, I’ve always enjoyed passing on knowledge and experience. In the days when I managed teams whose focus was selling and customer service, the regular meetings where colleagues were able to trade successes and problems were a real highlight. More than anything else it is the winning value from this experience that drove me to build my YouTube channel, then to write ‘Picking for Profit‘. You will see elsewhere on this site that I’m now taking the education and training elements of what I do a stage further.

Between picking, teaching, writing, and filming ‘Real Deal‘ with the History Channel I’m recording a series of videos that dig deep into the soul of the picking and reselling business. I have a team working on putting together course notes and supporting materials and will be launching a full-on ‘Picker School’ DVD early next year. Click here to learn more.

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